Thousands of protesters from Senekal and all over the country met at the Senekal Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday morning to attend the first appearance of the two suspected linked to the death of Brendin Horner.

Protestors attempted to get to the suspects in the court’s holding cells, leading to clashes with police, while the media were also reportedly targeted and assaulted by farmers unhappy with their presence.

Over the weekend two suspects, aged 32 and 43 were arrested after the body of the 22-year-old Horner was found in the Paul Roux area last Friday morning.

The Senekal Magistrate’s Court grounds could not be easily accessed due to the thousands of protesters that gathered around the court to show their support against farm murders.

Proceedings had started off peacefully, but quickly turned violent shortly after the case against the suspects was postponed to 16 October.

Trucks, cars, motorcycles, and horses decorated with white crosses and ‘It stops now’ and ‘Ons is gatvol’ posters drove in kilometre long convoys from outside the town to make their way to the court.

Outside the court, the crowd was addressed by AfriForum representatives and other stakeholders groups, as well as representatives from political parties such as the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the Freedom Front Plus (FFP) .

Various motorcycle clubs also attended the protest.

The proceedings outside the court was kicked off with a moment of silence for all the victims, farmers and workers of farm attacks.