Two men were found dead after being shot on Station Road in Canelands, KwaZulu-Natal on Monday morning. 

Reaction Unit South Africa (Rusa) was called to the scene early on Monday morning. Velum SAPS were already at the scene. 

The first victim’s body was found in the middle of the road, with gunshot wounds to his head, chest and back. The second victim was found roughly 300 metres from the first victim’s body. He was shot in the face and arm. 

Paramedics declared both men deceased. 

The victims are believed to have been from the Canelands area. Rusa reported that residents in the area did not hear or see the murders being committed. 

Investigations are continuing, but the motive behind the shootings has not yet been established. However, Rusa reportedly suspects the victims to be linked to other murders that have been committed in the area. 

Recall that last month, two men were also shot and killed, outside their homes, “in close proximity” to Monday’s murders. 

In last month’s murders, Rusa reportedly received a call from a man at the informal settlement on Station Road, who said the bodies of two men had been found. 

Both men were found dead outside their home. Eleven 9mm cartridges were recovered at the scene. 

Residents at the scene also reported not hearing or seeing anything when the murders took place. 

Rusa, paramedics and police at the scene of Monday’s gruesome Canelands shooting. Picture: Reaction Unit South Africa


One of the murder victim’s bodies. Picture: Reaction Unit South Africa