Judge Cassim Mossa, seating in the high court in Johannesburg, has convicted Warren Troy Knoob for defiling and sexually abusing several kids.

The morally bankrupt man, who according to multiple testimonies and several recorded porn videos which he personally recorded, has been handed life sentences.

Expressing her deep shock and disbelieve, until she saw heavy evidence of recorded videos of her daughter and several other underage girls, the single mother cried that the court should disregard any plea by the accused.

In revealing the verdict, Judge Mossa stated that: “The complainant was a mere one-year-old (when he started touching her)… the accused raped her when she was two years old. He was a father figure and he abused her trust.”

“I believed that a higher sentence would be appropriate.”

Reacting to the sentence, the culprit pleaded that: “I need help. This has been a cry for help and from here on, I can make a difference. It hurts me, but I deserve this. I need help,” he told the court. He further narrated to the mother of his victim that:

“I didn’t date you because you had a daughter. This darkness took over my life, left a monster that would abuse many. I am sorry,” he said.