Not fewer than 75 pupils at Sindzawonye Primary School in Pienaar were poisoned by a ‘Gogo’ hawker.

The pupils were rushed to hospital after they started experiencing unpleasant body sensation caused by the poison.

The ‘Gogo’ according to reports, sells ice lollies at the school at R1 a piece. She later allegedly lowered the price to 50 cents. As expected, the pupils rushed the offer and started vomiting after consuming her ice lollies.

Confirming this incident, Jasper Zwane the spokesperson for the provincial department of education commented that investigations are currently underway to get to the root cause.

Zwane said: “The accused ‘Gogo’ said she was falsely accused. She mentioned that she didn’t sell more than 10 ice lollies that day so there was no way it could have been her ice that caused the pupils to vomit.”

Angry parents wouldn’t have a word of the ‘Gogo’ hawker. They picked up arms demanding that the woman be chased away.

One of the parents to have said: “the lady should be kicked out of the school premises as a hawker. This time our kids might have gotten off lightly by a mere vomit but what might happen next time if the school board decides to keep her.”

Zwane cautioned the parents against concluding on the issue while investigations are still underway.

“We must shy away from making unfounded conclusions and a proper investigation will be carried (out) to find out what caused the vomiting,” implored Zwane.

The spokesperson promised that the school will make a decision when investigations are thoroughly completed.

“The cause might not be the ice lollies but something else they have eaten during the day,” stated Zwane as he divulged that majority of the pupils have been discharged from the hospital.

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