Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius OIB is a South African sprint runner and convicted murderer. Both of Pistorius’ legs were amputated below the knee when he was 11 months old.

Oscar Pistorius might join the Paralympics team regardless of how you might want to see it.

President Jacob Zuma and Minister of Sports and Recreation are contemplating on sending Oscar so he can win us some gold medals.

According to an insider within the Jacob Zuma camp, the context of his temporary release is based on the success rate of South Africans who were previously convicted.

”Jail time and criminal charges motivate people to excel, when give this temporary freedom Oscar will run faster,” stated the President.

Zuma said, ”look at Madiba, straight from jail and he became the best President. I am also a good example.”

Pres. Zuma said he is trying to do this for the country ”people need to be given a second chance,” he stated.

A treadmill and other supplies were installed last week to help Oscar get ready.