In a way of expressing their grievances, GATVOL Lowe Primary School pupils and their parents took to the streets on Wednesday.

They say they are sick and tired of the kak that flows everywhere from a blocked drain at their school.

It was gathered that, the pupils from Ga-Rankuwa, Tswane, teachers and general workers have been forced to come to school wearing masks since November. The yard is filled with kak and used sanitary pads!

 During the march, they barricaded the street leading into their school with burning tyres and stones – preventing teachers from entering.

Carrying sticks, they sang at the top of their voices – Ga re batle masepa, haai haai (we do not want kak, no no).

According to Dailysun, Acting principal Carol Seabi said she has repeatedly reported the problem to the local councillor, Jabu Rammushi, but nothing was done.

She said they were relieved when the workers finally came on Tuesday to work on the problem.

“But to everyone’s surprise, when the workers left, the problem was worse.

“They told us they needed a bigger machine which was used by another office, but they never returned,” she said.

Carol added that four teachers have been booked off sick due to this.

“They were vomiting terribly and there was nothing we could do,” she said.

Carol said the situation is also affecting the kids’ studies.

“It’s difficult to concentrate under these circumstances,” said Carol.

Parent Isaac Setlhabane (47) said: “Our kids will not enter that school yard until the drain is unblocked. The municipality should have dealt with the matter a long time ago.”

The protesters threatened to bring the whole area to a standstill.

Rammushi saved the day when he arrived at the scene followed by the workers who unblocked the drain.

He said that he suspected that the drain was blocked deliberately.

“The workers found stones inside the drain. I suspect that this was done by the contractors because they want to be hired permanently,” said Rammushi.