A teenager identified as Deborah Gcwensa of Shayamoya in Pietermaritzburg, was discouraged after police failed to prove that the pastor burnt her.

Gcwensa was attending a church service on Saturday night when a liquid mixture used for ritual burnt her, although other congregants took part in the ritual.

The 19-year-old said she gave up on the police after they failed to get sufficient evidence against the pastor who was disclosed missing, and the police were not keeping her informed on the case.

She also said that the police did not notify her or her family that the pastor was arrested on Tuesday and set free on Wednesday as a result of insufficient evidence.

“I am disappointed in the police and justice system because the police failed to prove that the pastor burnt me with his holy water. I have heard that the Pietermaritzburg Magistrate’s Court released the pastor due to lack of evidence,” she said.

On Monday at her home she was not able to talk as her head, face, neck and leg was burnt.

But on Thursday she was speaking properly with bandages covering her face and head.

“I can talk clearly now but I still have difficulties when trying to walk. I also feel some pains, especially at night.” she added.

Gcwensa and some witnesses said that the pastor had called his helpers to bring isiwasho, a mixture of petrol, methylated spirit and paraffin in the bucket.

The pastor then lit a candle, poured isiwasho into his mouth and spat it on Gcwensa, he then pointed the candle in her direction, the next thing, she went up in flames.

Her mother Nonhlanhla Gcwensa said:

“When I called the investigating officer, I still remember that it was after 6.30pm on Tuesday, he made it clear that he was not my friend and I was not allowed to call him after hours. It was the last time that he spoke to me. He never updated us about the case developments.”

Plessislaer police spokesman Captain Musa Ntombela confirmed that the pastor was arrested on Tuesday afternoon.

“The suspect appeared before the Pietermaritzburg Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday and the case was dismissed due to lack of evidence.”

Ntombela however said the docket was still open and the investigation was continuing.

Gcwensa mother made known that notwithstanding all the evidence available including witnesses, the prosecutor still felt there was no case.

“I have actually given up on them. I don’t bother calling them because I don’t want more disappointments.

“The worst thing is my daughter’s life will not be the same because her face was badly damaged” she added.

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