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A secret love affair between two neighbours came to a deadly end when one was killed and the other charged with the murder.

Sidney Sasman, 47, from Manenberg was found murdered in his Wendy house in Wye Road two weeks ago.

His family says his lover was arrested.

His devastated sister, Celeste Sasman, 38, says she found his bloody body when she went to go wake him up for work on Tuesday, 15 November.

“He had a thing on with the girl next door since last year, who also had a boyfriend,” Celeste explains.

“Her boyfriend knew about them and frequently threatened to kill my brother in public.

“The Monday night my brother still had a date with this girl and Tuesday morning just after 7.30am, I found his body,” Celeste says sadly.

“I called for him and he never responded so I went to his place to wake him. I pushed open the door and saw her bloody footprints.

“The door to his room could not open, I panicked. I peeped through his window and there was blood everywhere, on the floor, ceiling, bed and everything.

“I forced my way into the room as his body was lying behind the door.

“He was even robbed of his DVD, speakers, wallet and more items.”

Celeste says Sidney was stabbed with a knife and screwdriver.

“He was stabbed so many times police could not tell us how many stab wounds there were.

“His body had so much defensive wounds, I found him lying and covering his face,” an emotional Celeste adds.

Police spokesperson, Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana, confirmed the arrest.

“A 30-year-old female was arrested and charged for the murder.”