cape town 16-12-07 Rubbish closing the road in Taawain cite c Khayelitsha after it was not collect Picture Ayanda Ndamane

Residents claim their vullis hasn’t been collected in nearly a month.

Residents of this Cape Flats street says they have been forced to live in their own vullis for nearly a month, after the City of Cape Town failed to collect their garbage.

The say the vullis is causing a stink and health hazard in the informal settlement of Taiwan, Site C Khayelitsha. And the “mountains of garbage”, which blocks half of Mphelo Street, has become a playground for kids.

Community leader, Sibusiso Mdlanka, who is also a member of the ANC Youth League, says their pleas to the City have fallen on deaf ears.

It’s believed garbage collectors contracted to the city have failed to pitch after their contracts were not renewed.

Sibusiso says: “There were persons who were contracted to carry out a door to door service to collect dirt at people’s homes.

“They had a seven-month contract which was not renewed.

“They would collect the dirt at the houses and dump it at the container.

“From that container, which is located at a crèche, the council needs to collect the dirt.

“But this has not happened, and people are now just bringing their garbage and it is getting more and more.

“We have notified the City but there has been no feedback.

“The problem we have now is that the children at the crèche are playing on the dirt and they are becoming sick.”