Violence has broken out at the DRC embassy in Pretoria with protesters wanting Congolese President Joseph Kabila to step down clashing with police on Tuesday.

News24 correspondent Carien du Plessis, who is at the scene, tweeted that there are more than 100 protesters and that police officers had fired rubber bullets at them.

“People pelting embassy with stones and any object they can find. Shouting Kabila must go,” she tweeted.

“Police checking if they have enough rounds. Gun shots and stones pelted at nyalas. Police move back. Protesters see victory.”

 Earlier Du Plessis tweeted that protesters had broken through tape police had put up in the street where the embassy is.

In another protest about Kabila in Cape Town on Monday, about 200 protesters gathered in the city centre.

Stun grenades had been fired to disperse them.

Kabila’s term expires on Tuesday.

He has, however, not shown any sign of stepping down, and mediation talks have failed, sparking fears of fresh political violence in the mineral-rich but unstable Democratic Republic of the Congo.