A nurse who paid hitmen R40 000 to murder her abusive boyfriend, has been jailed for 7 years.

Nokhona Mpanza, 49, a nurse at St Apollinaris Hospital, pleaded guilty to killing Nkosinathi Ngcobo.

In her guilty plea handed in at the Pietermaritzburg High Court, Mpanza said she and the deceased became involved in a relationship in 2009 following the death of her husband.

“It was tumultuous relationship. During the relationship the deceased assaulted me on numerous occasions and I had laid charges against him.”

She said she also took out a protection order against him at Hlangani Magistrate’s Court. “The police however did not act against the deceased when he infringed the protection order.

“The deceased told me that I am wasting my time if I thought the police would arrest him as he was politically connected”.

She said the deceased always came back to her and said he would never do it again. “And I was a fool to fall for it.”

She said she supported Ngcobo and he used her car. “I was in love with him but he abused his love affair with me and sometimes taking my whole salary.”

She told the court that in August 2017 she caught him with another woman. “And we had a physical fight. I then discovered that besides the woman I caught him with, he had another woman who had no knowledge of our relationship, he had been playing me all along.

“I told the deceased to leave but he refused, saying I was overreacting. He said he would kill me before I got rid of him.”

Mpanza said she then spoke to her cousin Sibonele Ngcamu about the situation and “we discussed killing the deceased”. “A few weeks passed and Ngcamu arrived at my house and told me that the killers had arrived from Gauteng to carry out the job. I then became scared and told him I think we should cancel the plan.

“He told me the killers would kill us both if we did. I then agreed the plan must go ahead.”

On October 2, 2017, the deceased was shot in his motor vehicle in Bulwer. “Over a period of two days I gave Ngcamu R40 000 to pay the assassins responsible for killing the deceased.”

In her plea she admitted she and Ngcamu had conspired with other persons to kill the deceased, which they did. “I admit paying the killers R40 000.”

She said she was remorseful and her conduct was wrongful and unlawful.

Mpanza agreed to testify against the other accused. She was sentenced to 12 years, of which five years was suspended on condition she was not convicted of a similar offence.