This is the latest disclosure of blunt racist dealings perpetuated by the controversial billionaire family, unknown that it would go public. Further indications of the Guptas’ racist attitudes towards black people have surfaced in a newly discovered email from the #GuptaLeaks.

“. . . they have tenant from 1 October, R15k per month but he is Nigerian. Still looking for someone else,” an employee of the Guptas’ Sahara Computers wrote in an email to Atul Gupta in September 2015.

Gupta apparently disapproved of the idea of leasing the property to a Nigerian.

“No to point one,” Gupta replied to the Sahara employee, in reference to the proposed leasing.

In the email, Sahara employee Rana Kumar updated Gupta on four properties the family appeared to have been leasing to tenants.

The email appears to suggest that the Guptas had a prospective tenant for a property in Century City in Cape Town in 2015, but because the would-be renter was Nigerian, the family would rather keep searching for another tenant.

But other emails from the #GuptaLeaks suggest that the Guptas’ generally view black people as being inferior to them.

Earlier this month, it was widely reported on a #GuptaLeaks email that suggests Rajesh “Tony” Gupta once called security guards stationed at the family’s Saxonwold residence “monkeys”.

The incident, tellingly, was described in a letter from a Sahara employee to security firm G4S Security in which Gupta’s actions were defended