According to a media reports coming from KZN, there have been another farm attack, but this time no one died.

The reports says that A KwaZulu-Natal farmer and his wife who were identified as Bruce and Denise Harvey arrived home in the late afternoon on Wednesday to find three intruders inside their home calmly having a lunch of cheese and liver pate.

Bruce said he was on his way to start the generator, his wife went into the house only to be held down by the attackers forced to keep quiet, while his husband was been attacked by one of the intruders and stabbed with a screw driver.

“He hit me on the head and kept hitting me‚ asking where my firearms and money were‚” Harvey sad.

“That wasn’t possible because I don’t own firearms.” he confirmed. The also made away with their car which is a Fiat Uno‚ two cell phones and their bank cards.

According to Larry Erasmus of Empangeni Farm Watch, he said that they are looking at implementing some sort of an alarm system for early warning;

“We regret this type of incident and strongly recommend early warning alarm systems to be in place to avoid these types of incidents‚ however we will help in any way possible to ensure these suspects are caught‚” said Larry Erasmus of Empangeni Farm Watch.