Social media have been filled with photos of police officers being attacked and robbed by criminals over the weekend in Yeovil, Johannesburg.

None of the the policemen got harmed but the robbers left with their weapons and police uniforms.

The robbers first undressed the policemen, made them lay on the road while they robbed them.

An eyewitness who spoke on anonymity said;

”Police are not safe themselves.

”How are they going to keep us safe while they are not safe themselves, Zuma must do something and give them better training.

”I think South African police are not well trained that is why we come across like this.” he lamented.

As this robbery was going on, one of the robbers was busy taking photos and posting them on the internet.

Yeovil residents are calling on Police Minister Fikile Mbalula to come save them as the area is gradually becoming very lawless and unsafe.