A mother of three; Rehithile Matjane has confessed before  the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria that amnesia resulting from different self-medication is the chief reason for the death of her sons.

According to an eyewitness, Regina van Rooyen who lives on small holding, close to the area where Rehithile parked her car with the children inside, reported that she was home that afternoon when suddenly she saw a woman standing outside her window.

According to her:

“I asked her what she wanted and she said in a loud voice, that she wanted a bullet. I said i did not have a bullet. she then asked for a knife because she had to kill herself. I told her i could not give her a knife and she said she would kill herself on the Ni highway just behind my house”.

While Rooyen phoned the police,the woman ran away, she chased after her and caught her as she tried to climb the wall leading to the highway.  She told Rooyen her husband was keeping another woman and she feared he might give  out her children to his new lover.

Matjane further told the court that apart from taking medication because of excruciating headaches, she was also on her menstruation cycle while consuming the medication.

34 year old Rihithile pleaded not guilty murdering Alvaro, 2, and Keyondre, 6, on April 17, 2015.