Hinnews.com reported two days ago about a man who fell to his death from Table Mountain, if you missed it click here to read.

Back to the current story. The mother of the man has revealed that she knew he son was going to commit suicide after she received a text message from her son;

“When I received his message saying his final goodbyes, I knew he was going to commit suicide,” a devastated Heidi Weeks, 50, said of her 22-year-old son Richard.”

“That’s how he was. If he said he was going to do something, there was no turning back.”

She said he wasn’t himself since he came back from work, just before the tragic incident happened;

“I asked him what was wrong, but he didn’t answer me. He just ate his supper and went to bed. When he left for work the following day, I still reminded him to take his lunch. However, he said he’d get something to eat at work. Little did I know these would be his last words to me.”

“When I got a message from him, sent to me and his friends, I knew he was going to take his own life.”


“We’d moved from Krugersdorp to Somerset West because I’d wanted to give him a better life. He was a successful and independent young man and had bought his own car for his 21st birthday.”

She said she was waiting for the results of the post mortem to confirm it was Richard’s body.

“I’m 99% certain that it’s my son. It was his car and the clothes on the body were his.”

Source:- News24