The bloody hacking to death of a woman by another woman, just for being nice is again a clarion call to the conscience of the so called ‘rainbow nation’ of South Africa.

A mother of four has been stabbed to death for apparently greeting a man too nicely.

Hanlie Smith, 36, was killed by another woman on Sunday soon after saying hello to a friend at her Highlands Crescent, Scottsdene home.

Mom Netta Smith, 56, says on Sunday afternoon, a female friend and four men came to visit at their home.

She says Hanlie greeted one of the men, and the 27-year-old woman became angry and attacked her daughter.

“All hell broke loose because she couldn’t handle how nice Hanlie was. It was chaos when she stabbed my daughter, someone else started shooting wildly at people.”

“Hanlie was stabbed in the back and died in my house, her last words were ‘mammie, mammie’,” a heartbroken Netta says.

Netta says she and her other daughter were also injured when someone hit them with a brick in the head.

“Hanlie must have had a premonition she was going to die because on Sunday she listened to a CD she bought for me on Mother’s Day last year, called Hartseer om totsiens te sê.”

“She was very jolly and also spent a lot more time with her four children. She worked at a local fisheries.”

The murder suspect was arrested at the Kraaifontein hospital when she arrived to get treatment for injuries.

Police spokesperson, Captain FC van Wyk, confirms the murder and arrest: “The incident is not gang-related. A 27-year-old lady was arrested and will be appearing in the Blue Downs Court today [Wednesday]