A miner has allegedly received death threats from people warning him to drop the case after he reported his mine captain for using abusive language.

According to the employee, he and some of his colleagues have been experiencing racist and vulgar language from their mine captain.

He alleged the mine captain addressed black workers with phrases such as “monkeys”, “die hond” and “jou mas se p***”.

He said, after he reported the incident, the mine captain fired him. He was told to do a medical exit.

He said “I went to the mine manager and explained that the mine captain had fired me for reporting him for the use of abusive language. He told me that I am not going anywhere”.

Murray & Roberts spokesperson Ed Jardim said they were aware of the allegation.

Jardim said “[The mine captain] admitted vulgar language, but not racist remarks”.

Jardim said they were not aware the captain had fired the employee, but he was advised of the grievance procedure.

The employee said “We have gone through the grievance procedure, and the final decision from the HR coordinator is that it is a dismissal to [the] mine captain”.

But Jardim said the grievance procedure was held on 2 October, and subsequent to that, a disciplinary hearing was scheduled and would only be heard on Friday, 23 October.

As such, there is no outcome for the disciplinary hearing yet.

The employee claimed that he has since been receiving death threats from people telling him to drop the case or he will die.

Jardim added that “Murray & Roberts does not condone any form of discrimination (and/or vulgar language) and expects everyone who works for, or acts on behalf of the group, to adhere to the highest of standards”.