The South Africa Police  have been alerted about the hijack of weapons by unknown criminals out of South Africa. The assault is however under aggressive investigation.

There is a high possibility that there could have been a complicity aiding success of the atrocious act.

According to our reporter, Extreme weapons from the SA National Defence Force (SANDF), including a machine gun that rips apart its targets, have been stolen and in some cases apparently smuggled out of South Africa for use in war  afflicted zones.

There are also concerns that stolen military weapons could be stockpiled and used against the state in the future. In  a letter issued to the Western Cape police  Commissioner which reads in part:

“how loopholes in the firearms legislation and regulations are used to facilitate trans-border smuggling of firearms to other countries from South Africa”.

“Further investigation is therefore required into the import and export of firearms by individuals and or arms dealers for illicit means and this possible violation of South Africa’s arms embargoes and international protocols of which South Africa is a signatory.”