Police Minister Fikile Mbalula and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema took shots at each other in a series of sub-tweets.

The shade-fest was about the Constitutional Court ruling that National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete has the power to decide whether there should be a secret ballot on the proposed motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma.

In a series of tweets on Thursday, shortly after the ruling, both took to Twitter to address the decision.

Mbalula said there was now clarity as ” the matter is not addressed in the Constitution.”

Malema replied, without tagging the minister, and a the two indulged in a series of sub-tweets about the matter.

They had us like…

I dont kno what our opponents are celeb bcos they wanted CJ Mogoeng to order the speaker to enforce secrete ballot,A DESCION he can’t take.

The judge eloquently unequivocally clarified the Separation of powers AND ofcourse what is the meaning of democracy.

RSA Police Minister   

Many clapped hands, I’m lost as to the victory they celebrate over . They lost the case of wanting court to instruct Speaker.

The ruling vindicates our democracy. It supports separation of powers doctrine. The ANC is morally boosted by this decision.

Clapping for costs award (money): Costs awards are not by themselves a punishment but realization of who holds purse strings. .

@Eusebius Then we go back to argue that her decision is irrational.

@tyengeni1954 But we won, only losers pay the cost.

If you think you won, why do you sound so disgruntled. The whole minister left his duties to justify that Parliment won a case.

One thing I know is that this Minister did not read the court papers and will not read this judgment but he’s busy tweeting about it, hai.

Your drinking mate Baleka said she doesn’t have discretion to grant secrete ballot. We said she does & the court agreed with us Minister.

I don’t know where drinking fits in. Last time I checked you were my drinking partner. Some amongst us wanted the Speaker to be forced.

That’s how you interpret it. People went to court requesting that the speaker be ordered and this didn’t happen. The ball is in her court.

As a Minister who is a Member of Parliament I have every right to have interest in ConCourt Judgement. Nothing odd about commenting on it.