The Grassy Park SAPS are on the hunt for a convicted murderer from Parkwood who has evaded his parole officer for more than a year.

Colonel Dawood Laing, station commander said despite being found guilty for murder in the Diep River SAPS precinct, Tyrone Lottering, 46, was sentenced to only 12 years in jail.

He explained that “On Monday we were approached by the parole officer, who obtained a warrant of arrest at the magistrate’s court for the suspect.

“He is originally from Parkwood and according to the records presented to us, he was found guilty for housebreaking and murder in 2009, but it happened in the Diep River precinct so we don’t have the details of the murder.”

Laing further said after serving just 10 years at Pollsmoor Prison, Lottering was given parole and sent to his mother’s house in Blackbird Avenue, where he was to stay under house arrest.

“The officer went to the home to check up on him because he was supposed to serve the rest of his sentence under house arrest. But the officer could not find him and was told by his mother that he had left.

“The officer has been looking for him since 2019 and when you provide an address but do not stay at that address, you have breached the parole conditions.”

“Now he has violated his parole conditions and we have to go and find him to avoid having a potentially dangerous person on the streets.

“This takes up a lot of resources and time as police now have to chase old perpetrators even though he was already convicted when we should be out finding outstanding suspects on current cases.”

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Lottering is asked to call Detective Constable Paulsen on 062 002 2656.