In a robbery incident at the weekend, a man was shot twice during an armed robbery for allegedly having a cellphone without a camera in Kagiso, west of Johannesburg.

The man was attacked in the presence of his girlfriend.

According to police spokesperson Captain Solomon Sibiya, “Police were stopped on Sunday about 0.30am by a concerned resident of Tshepisong after he spotted a man who had been shot at corner of Albert Luthuli and Hector Peterson streets. The police went to the scene where they found the victim writhing in pain in the street. He was bleeding from gunshot wounds.

Sibiya also said “The victim was allegedly walking with his girlfriend when they were accosted by an armed suspect. The suspect held up the couple at gunpoint as he demanded cash and their cellphones. The victim handed over his but the suspect was not impressed as the phone had no camera. He then fired two shots at the victim”.

The suspect who is wanted by police also took the girlfriend away and threatened to rape her. He said “She, however, managed to escape”.

The victim was taken to hospital in a serious condition with two gunshot wounds to the upper body.

The Kagiso station commander Brig Themba Maduna has urged people to refrain from walking late at night and to heed the lockdown regulations.

Maduna said “We are worried that people defy and ignore instructions related to the curfew and thus play into the hands of ruthless criminals. We wish people could help us fight and minimise crime by taking lockdown regulations seriously”.