According to a report by Timeslive, an unnamed Durban based business man was shot after he came out from a bank with the money he withdrew.

Though he didn’t die instantly on the spot as he tried leaving the scene on his car, but could not drive too far or to a hospital where he could have been treated, he died near the Durban Magistrate court.

Rescue Care paramedic Garrith Jamieson said that on arrival‚ they “found that a vehicle had collided through the fence of the Durban Magistrates Court. On assessing the scene they found that a male in his forties had sustained injuries including that of a gunshot to his upper body”.

“There was nothing more Paramedics could do for the man and he was declared deceased on the scene.” Police were attending to the

We are not yet clear if it was a straight assassin or just robbery gone wrong