An African man told a judge “why not?” as he admitted to hiding in a graveyard and raping women in the dead of night.  Asylum seeker Ishaq Al-Noor, 21, came to the UK from the Sudan three years ago and settled in Hull, East Yorkshire.

He will serve at least 10 years of a 16 year sentence before he can apply for parole and he will remain on the Sex Offenders’ Register for life.

Hull Crown Court heard he lay in wait late at night for victims to cross his path before dragging them into a cemetery.

The vile fiend admitted raping a teenage student, who was just 17 at the time, and attempting to rape a 36-year-old mum.

When the rape charge was put to him at a previous hearing, Al-Noor,through his interpreter, said: “Guilty. Yes, I did that. Why not?”

The teenager said in her victim impact statement: “When he assaulted me he might as well have taken my future, my sense of self, my security, and stomped on it.

“It shattered my parents’ perspective of their little girl, something no parent should have to go through.

“The guilt is still with me 12 months later. The horror in my mum’s voice when she asked me through the phone ‘has somebody hurt you?’ – it broke my heart.

“Having to sit there and recite the entire assault to a police officer in front of my parents turned me inside out.”

The victim had always been a straight A student, but since her ordeal her attendance and grades had dropped and she was suffering from paranoia and could not sleep.

Just six months after attacking the student on June 4 in the Spring Bank Cemetery, he tried to rape a woman on November 15, just yards from the same spot.