A 26-year-old man have been arrested by the police in Giyani for allegedly killing his neighbour’s 7-month-old baby at Thomo village on Monday.

The man allegedly was arguing with his neighbours about their kids, when he went into their house and started physically fighting with the baby’s mother and sister.

The police in a statement said “During the fight, the suspect went back to his home to fetch a pick handle, there after he went back to his neighbour to continue with the fight. That is when the suspect used the pick handle to assault the mother of the victim, unfortunately the female victim was carrying the baby. The suspect assaulted the toddler accidentally.

“The baby was taken to Nkhensani hospital for medical treatment and later transferred to Letaba hospital where she lost her life”.

A case docket of assault with grievous bodily harm was registered at Giyani and later changed to murder. He will appear before Giyani Magistrate’s Court tomorrow.

The police investigations are still continuing.

In October, the Mpumalanga High Court sentenced Boy Nhleko to life imprisonment for last year’s murder of a two-year-old boy for failing to say he was in need of the toilet.

According to a police statement, the child was staying with Nhleko, 29, his girlfriend, who was the child’s aunt at the time, as the mother was working out of town, a long distance from home and had left him in the couple’s care.

The boy started living with his aunt and Nheko in October 2019, when he was assaulted for about 36 hours.

“Instead of seeking medical care for the child, Nhleko and his lover left the child to die. They then concealed their evil deeds by burying the boy in a shallow grave.

Police said “Nhleko and the boy’s aunt left for the Kingdom of Eswatini where he confided to his brother that he has committed an atrocious act in South Africa explaining all the details of events. His brother in turn felt compelled to report the matter to the police and Nhleko was ultimately arrested at Mahamba border as he was coming back to South Africa, a week after the murder. During the investigation, Nhleko pointed out the place where he had buried the boy”.

Nhleko was also found to be unfit to possess a firearm. His name will also be entered into the Register of Sexual Offenders.