The veteran and courageous investigative journalist Jacques Pauw , the author of The President’s Keepers, who wrote a letter to EFF leader Julius Malema after Malema threatened legal action against him was viciously attacked by the EFF leader Julius Malema.

According to Pauw, Malema had demanded an apology from him after he tweeted that the party’s national chairperson Dali Mpofu is committing hara-kiri in defending former SARS commissioner Tom Moyane.

Malema’s latest controversy regarding race relations surrounds allegations levelled against him by AfriForum, after they produced video footage in which an imprisoned gang member claims he met with the EFF leader, who allegedly offered to help him murder white farmers when he gets out of jail.

At an EFF press conference held on Wednesday, Malema threatened to take legal action against Pauw because of the tweet.

Malema also described the South African Revenue Service as a dangerous regrouping of those with a neo-liberal agenda, led by Pravin Gordhan.

Pauw writes that he won’t apologise to Malema.

He also warns Malema that Mazzotti and Phillips are no choir boys and “you must be aware of it”.