More members of the Economic Freedom Fighter EFF have expressed deep concerning about the changing looks of their leader.

However, commander-in-chief Julius Malema who is arguably the second most famous politician currently serving in South Africa. While some love him and others love to hate him, we’re not here today to talk about Malema’s politics at all…

Juju had often been described as the “gummy bear” of SA politics due to his chubby cheeks and big belly. Over the last year or so though, Julius went through a body transformation that the entire nation took note of.

Malema revealed his diet secrets to anyone who would ask, he told journalist and talk show hosts alike that is wasn’t easy, but, he got it done.

Juju says his wife was a great support after he decided to cut out sugar and alcohol completely. And you can’t just do it some of the time, “you must be strict!”

We thought we would look at some of the best pics of Julius before and after his weight loss. He really has come a long way, great motivation for anyone looking to lose weight.