EFF Julius Malema says the EFF will take over power in 2019: A coalition with the DA will make land expropriation unsuccessful, there the EFF cannot allign the the country’s major opposition party the Democratic Alliance.

We only came together to save South Africa because we reasoned that let the best ideologies come together to save  South Africa, and we have saved South Africa so that when we take over power there will still be a country to lead.

We said in five years we will take the reigns of government in South Africa.

Speaking to an interviewer on SABC the EFF leader observed that the  party could not go to bed with a party  (DA) running on a different  fundamental  ideology.

Fundamental ideological differences would not have allowed us to go into bed with people we disagree with. Because when we take this government in 2019 and don’t expropriate land, the people will come after us  and ask why and our partners will not agree, then the people will say we are another round of politicians giving a lot of explanations, so we have to avoid that.