After the yesterday’s court interdict in Limpopo, for popular pastor to desist from harming congregants, the ambitious preacher appears stoic and adamant. The Limpopo prophet now notorious for making his congregant drink dettol is defiant after a court order that pastors immediately stop using hazardous substances in their sermons.

Prophet Rufus Phala says he will not stop using the product until God tells him to do so

There’s been outrage in some quarters at the practices of Phala and fellow preacher Lethabo Rabalabo, who sprayed doom on the faces of his congregant.

Phala says he is not shaken by the court’s verdict as the same was done to Jesus Christ.

“If you are a Christian and are the servant of God, you must face persecution… you don’t have to be afraid.”

He says he will continue to use Dettol if it is the will of God and he will is not afraid of being arrested if he is reported to police.

“I won’t deny God because if He says take this thing and do this, I won’t deny God.”

The Health Department has said it will continue to monitor pastors and prophets who might be using harmful substances in order to protect vulnerable believers.