A Joburg man Spencer Kitson was driving along the Grosvenor bridge in Douglasdale last night and he saw a well-dressed man standing on the edge of the bridge.

Kitson noticed that something was wrong and he stopped his car and approached the man to find out what he could do to help.

Kitson used facebook to recalls what happened:

“As I approached I could see he was well dressed but drowning in despair, ‘Hey man, are you alright?’ There was no reply.
By this time a taxi driver had pulled over and had begun crossing the road, he also proceeded to talk to the guy.”

He said he leaned over the man to tell him that whatever he was going through, it was not worth losing his life over. Eventually, the man mumbled what Kitson presumed was the man’s name.

The man, Isak, has been unemployed for two years, and has a daughter who he is unable to support. He told Kitson he feels “worthless” and “valueless” and that all of the problems in his family’s life stem from him, so it would be easier if he were “removed from the equation”.

Kitson managed to coax him down which enabled him to continue his discussion with Isak. A taxi driver approached them and tried to give Isak some money, which he refused.

Kitson posted what happened on Facebook.

“After chatting to a more responsive Isak, I picked up that he was well educated, well spoken, passionate and just desperate for any opportunity that would allow for him to have any chance to progress in life. I helped Isak onto his feet and offered for him to come to my house for dinner.”

With eyes filled with tears, Isak accepted Kitson’s kind offer, and the men got back to Kitson’s home to continue their discussion.

Kitson tried to inspire Izak to realise that nothing is worth dying for, no matter the circumstances.

Isak is a genuine guy that’s stuck in a bad position, he is absolutely desperate for any work so that he can support his daughter. I am appealing to anyone who might be able to assist me in assisting Isak getting back on his feet.”

Izak has worked in a school environment and in administrative positions, but is desperate for any job, preferably within the Douglasdale/Bryanston area.

Kitson asked on his Facebook page for people to contact him if they have any donations of food or clothes or money, or if there is anybody who has a job they could offer to Isak to help him get back on his feet, if they could please email him on Spencer.kitson@yahoo.com.

Kitson also said he gave Isak some money and food and told him to come back anytime if there is need.