Why would people be compelled to dissociate themselves from the president? Too many apologies everywhere for associating with the republic’s  leader. However, Cosatu affiliates who felt aggrieved by S’dumo Dlamini’s presence at Jacob Zuma’s 75th birthday said they had forgiven him.

This is despite the matter not being on the agenda during the union federation’s special central executive committee (CEC) meeting on Monday.

“The matter came up when he was opening the meeting on Monday,” said National Union of Mineworkers spokesperson David Sipunzi.

“Some affiliates felt aggrieved to have seen him at the birthday bash, but he manned up and he apologised for it.”

And as a result, Sipunzi said Dlamini would not be facing any repercussions.

“There is no need for him to be crucified because he knew he was wrong and we therefore cannot punish him after he came out and apologised,” he said.

The special CEC meeting was held with the backdrop of Zuma being booed and prevented from speaking during Cosatu’s May Day celebration in Bloemfontein.

Zuma was unable to address the crowd, and speeches were subsequently cancelled for the day.

The SA Democratic Teachers Union, meanwhile, maintained that despite the apology being made, Dlamini’s presence at Zuma’s party was not on the agenda and was therefore not discussed.

“There were three things that were discussed and that was not one of the things that were discussed,” Mugwena submitted.