Ever since his nationwide campaign in the defense of white owned land from been expropriated without compensation, Cope leader Mosiuoa Lekota has received a barrage of attack, bullying and  tongue lashing from some members of the Mahikeng community in the North West.

Lekota, who quietly listened to some members of the public insult his views on land, is part of Parliament’s Constitutional Review Committee, which is holding hearings across the country.

At the hearings, South Africans can air their views on the amendment of the Constitution to allow expropriation of land without compensation. Parliament has to determine whether or not the property clause, in particular Section 25, of the Constitution should be amended.

“Lekota! You are a disgrace. We are coming for you!” exclaimed a resident who did not introduce himself to the couple of hundred people packed inside the Mahikeng Civic Centre.

He lambasted the Cope leader for his repeated view that white people did not steal land in South Africa but bought it legally and there was no need for expropriation without compensation.

He said Dutch explorer Jan Van Riebeeck, who was credited for discovering the Cape of Good Hope, found land which already belonged to people when he arrived in 1652.

“He did not bring land when he came here in 1652,” the man emphasised, while crowds cheered and laughed.

“If you are benefiting from Stellenbosch, directly or indirectly, we are coming for you,” he warned before his three minutes of allocated time came to an end.

The man also questioned why South Africa was wasting resources by holding public engagements on the matter.

“There was no consultation when the land was taken,” he said to loud applause.

Another resident, Moeng Gaidi, diverted away from his remarks on why he believed the Constitution should be amended to address Lekota.

“Like it or not, we are taking the land,” said Gaidi to Lekota.

He urged the government to add to its efforts to resolve the land question, saying he had a single tractor that he wanted to put to good use.

“People like Steve Biko, like Solomon Mahlangu are disappointed in you. You have failed them,” said Sfiso Masekela.

Masekela said young people were also disappointed at the Cope leader’s views after his role in the struggle for the country’s liberation.

“We are not going to be romantic like Lekota, who [is] in a romance with white people.”

The hearings continue.