#EFFWomensDayRally @EFFSouthAfrica President @Julius_S_Malema sings “Kiss the Boer, the farmer…” He addressed his party’s Women’s Day celebrations in PMB, KZN midlands.

“If you are brave, you are smart, her earning the same salary as you will never change who you are. Don’t use your material to define your manhood. Women are equal to us and therefore, must earn the same salary as long as we are doing the same job. They must not be a threat to us.”

Malema said increasing women’s land ownership is critical to empowering them and the nation.

“A woman must get a land, not because she has a child or she has a husband, no. The fact that she qualifies she must get a land, we must give her a land. And therefore in South Africa, when we take the land, each woman must have a hector. It must be one woman one hector. If we give women the land, we know they will work it. They will produce food to feed their children. There will be production in South Africa.”

With the 2019 elections coming into view, Malema was in full campaign mode.

#EFFWomensDayRally “Msholozi is going to jail,” – @EFFSouthAfrica’s President @Julius_S_Malema. pic.

He said his party must gain more women’s votes if it wants to win KwaZulu-Natal.

“We want to lead this province. We want EFF to be everywhere in KwaZulu-Natal. And please, when you work for the EFF, make sure that you target women. You know, majority of EFF voters are men and we can’t be proud of that. It means there is something wrong we are doing. Start treating women properly of you want them to vote for you…We want a women’s vote. Once we get a woman we are gone.”

He urged his party members to protect women, and isolate and report women abusers, even from within its own ranks.