The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has left the country in shock after he dropped his views regarding Karabo’s death.

Malema said it will be fair to punish Karabo Mokoena’s killer, Sandile Mantsoe but her parents are to be blamed also because they did not teach their deceased daughter manners.

According to media reports, the controversial EFF leader is related to the accused and is said to be the one who was sponsoring his forex-trading business.

Malema said;

”I have attended the court session because I have known this accused boy from a young age, his parents are big supporters in our struggle, we all know that this girl was cheating on the accused and I wonder why her parents did not teach her what is wrong and right” said Malema who was booed by the court and left afterwards.

Meanwhile,relatives from the Mokoena family have promised to ‘deal’ ‘thoroughly’ with the EFF leader and ‘teach’ him a lifetime lesson following his remarks.

Caroline Mokoena lambasted Malema, saying everything can’t just be politics.