A rich inmate allegedly invited a striper inside Joburg prison to entertain him and his cartel while prison guards watched and did practically nothing.

Johannesburg Medium B Prison located at Diepkloof 319-Iq, Johannesburg just made headline for something that got the whole country talking.

It seems like the department of correctional services are really playful when it comes to punishing these so-called ‘criminals’ because clearly, they get comfortable inside with 5 star treatment and entertainment given to them.

What does it mean now when they suddenly get strippers to come and dance, to the point of even undressing them? What message does it send to the criminals outside?

What message does this pass to victims who died and suffered in their hands?

This is a clear indication that there’s no justice for these convicts, some are in there for rape yet they get entertainment such as this.

The South African Justice System is gradually becoming a joke, something needs to be done and it has to be urgently. We cannot tolerate this happening.

They are fed with our tax money yet have terrorised so many innocent people.

The people responsible for organising such an event must be dealt with accordingly.