The spate of criminality in the country might necessitate the commission of these highly sensitive and effective device that can minimise and checkmate the carnage in our society.

1-I can devise a tiny tracker that can be installed in any party of human body(fingers,toes,butt,ear,thigh,legs,etc) so that we can track people when they got kidnapped.
2- It has no side effects to the body
3-The devise can be installed to anyone from any age
4-Every devise has its own secret code
5-You can always change your secret code using your phone for safety purposes
6- Only police stations will have a software for tracking people,but not their secrete codes
7-For them to track u using the softer they need your secret code
8-It is advisable to give your secrete code to at least 5 people you really trust(i know we get kidnapped by the people we trust)
9-The most amazing party about this tiny devise is that even though it’s inside your body it is also within reach for you to press it when being kidnapped and it will notify those 5 people within seconds via message on their phones
10-The software will let the police know exactly where you at and can also detect your movement
11-It will take 20 to 35 minutes installing the devise
12-The devise can also be removed any time
13- Only trained doctors/nurses across the world will be able to install this devise to people
14-If i get a private investors people will have to pay for this process but age wise
15-If the government fund my idea the process will be free of charge
16-The main aim is of this project is to reduce crime due to human trafficking/kidnapping
17-Many people make lot of money from human trafficking so i’m not available to give more info to any press/media platform
18-To all investors and fikile Mbalula you are more than welcome to set a meeting with me 061 228 3003 but i will be accoupanied by police to any meeting i don’t trust anyone after all.
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enough is enough


By Thabang motivation