Police inefficiency is something that is worrying a good number of South Africans. Repeatedly we get to read how the police force is failing the people of South Africa.

Sleeping police officers in Hillbrow were robbed few days ago by drug addicts.

Although the Majority of officers were out patrolling and a few who were left behind took the opportunity and decided to have a beautiful nap.

Around 11 police officers were robbed of their pistols while they were sleeping by Nyaope addicts who went in because they thought the station was deserted.

The thieves also feasted on the officer’s food and took a great deal of counterfeit cash, illegal firearms, stolen clothes and of cause a lot of ceased nyaope.

The keys to the storage where the seized goods are packed was with one of the sleeping officers anyway.

About 18 police officer were meant to be at the station during the robbery but 7 were nowhere to be found.

It was later revealed that they left the station for their personal reason without reporting.

The nyaope addicts who used to scavenge in garbage beans around Kotze Street disappeared after the incident.

The Station commander Captain Nelson Nahlah revealed that over 50 high-profile dockets are also missing.

He expressed his anger and worry over the fact that weapons and documents are now in the hands of criminals.


One on made herself a bed in the station and was far asleep.

Few hours later, photos of the sleeping officers started appearing on the internet which means the criminals took pictures while stealing from them.

Some South Africans are calling for the arrests of the officers who were no where to be found while they were meant to be on duty.

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