In case something happens to her, ANC MP Makhosi Khoza – whose life has been threatened for publicly calling on President Jacob Zuma to resign – wants Zuma to know this.

“In case I do not make it on August 8, 2017. Mr President you must know that you are haunting the South African nation. Please Mr President, step down.

“Mr President, 11 million South Africans voted for you, and not just one million ANC members. You may wish to contest the ANC presidency in December 2017, but South Africa no longer needs you, Mr President.

“Please save South Africa, save jobs Mr President, save the economy and save women… I cannot even say more about how much you have violated the country’s Constitution.”

Khoza received loud applause and a standing ovation after she made her passionate plea.

Khoza, who is the chairperson of Parliament’s public service and administration portfolio committee, was speaking at the Conference for the Future of South Africa, where civil society organisations have gathered to forge a plan on how to fight state capture.