The South African man staged a fierce theatre of the absurd by making spurious and unimaginable demands before opening fire on his assailant and himself.

The 29-year-old man was discovered at the house where a hostage debacle took place on Wednesday. According to police, the body was found with one gunshot wound in the torso.

Provincial police spokesman Colonel Lungelo Dlamini could not confirm if the man was shot by the same man who had held his girlfriend hostage at the house on Wednesday.

“What we know is that the man was a tenant, and we can confirm that he has been dead for more than 30 hours.”

On Wednesday, in the same house, a man held his girlfriend hostage demanding that police drop cases of assault and malicious damaged to property laid against him by his lover. The man, who was dumped a few weeks ago, also demanded that the girlfriend took him back.

After police negotiated with him without success, the man shot and wounded his lover before shooting himself dead.

Police said the man had locked himself and the woman inside a four-roomed house and had warned the SAPS negotiating team that he would shoot himself and his girlfriend if his demands were not met.

The girlfriend had opened the two cases in February 1 at Naledi police station after the boyfriend had broken some of her property in the house.