Human trafficking and teenage prostitution is one thing South Africa needs to find a way to deal with because its gradually getting out of hand.

A teenage sex slave has been rescued from her evil captors on the Cape Town.

A pastor saw her being sold for sex and he alerted the Police.

She was removed from a house in Belhar on Sunday night by police.

The teenager, who was heavily drugged, could not tell police her name, age or where she is from as a result of the drugs.

While police questioned her, she slipped in and out of consciousness.

Police found a family – a mother, father and their four sons.

Charges will be formulated as soon as the girl is well enough to give a proper statement.

The pastor saw the girl with an older woman, and the teen didn’t look right to him.

He approached the girl and asked why she was hiking. She told him she was working.

He picked them both up, and offered to drop them at home. The older woman thought he was a client, and he let her believe that.

The woman asked him to drop her off in Belhar, and when she got out, he drove away with the girl, and dropped her off at the address in Belhar, where police found her.

The  girl had been forced to use tik and dagga.

The teen ate properly, hard a warm bath and was able to give some details

“I have been molested and raped for years.”

“A woman who dragged me around on the main roads of the Cape Flats and sold me to men every day.”

“I don’t know my real name, I’ve had many names over the years,” says the shy teen.

“I don’t remember when [the pimp] found me. She took me and gave me [tik] lollies and it made me happy and sad and I also had to smoke the dagga she gave me.”

“I tried to forget every time I was hurt and shut out every time a stranger touched me. I thought it was normal.

“I cannot say how many men have used me, but it has been a long time,” said the teen