An 80-year old woman this week spoke of the trauma she sustained after she and her husband were attacked by armed men at their home in Garsfontein.

Elise Rautenbach and her husband Nico (81) were attacked by three armed men on Sunday, 8 July.

Nico, who is a dominee at the Afrikaanse Protestantse Kerk in the Moot area, was busy preparing for a church service in the study when he heard noises coming from downstairs in the house.

“He went downstairs to check where the noise was coming from, but he did not see anything.”

The man then went outside to throw away some trash and noticed that their backyard gate was opened.

Elise said this was odd, as her husband always ensured that the gate was closed.

“He went closer to the gate and notice that the padlock was broken.”

She said three men then appeared and pointed a gun at Nico. He tried to run, but the men overpowered him and started assaulting him.

“I heard a banging sound from inside the house and I heard him screaming. My initial thought was that he may have fallen, so I called out for him.”

When Elise got outside she was met with a gun to her face and had to watch as her husband was being beaten.

She said one of the men slapped her and forced her wedding ring off her finger.

“They just kept hitting him,” she said.

Nico was left with a broken nose and internal bleeding, which landed him in intensive care at the Pretoria East hospital.

Elise said the men made off with a television, laptop and her wedding ring.

“I closed my eyes and prayed Lord please help us, help us please and when I opened my eyes they were gone.”

She said she was glad she and her husband were still alive.