The headmaster of a high school in Pretoria, name with-held to save the image of the school is in serious trouble after he was secretly recorded having sex with a student after school in exchange for R20.

The headmaster was unaware that another female student who was fed up with his antics was recording the sex session through the empty classroom window with her smartphone.

A disgusted teacher who spoke on condition of anonymity said;

” This is really embarrassing for everyone and it has tainted the good name of this school. A name we have worked hard for,  all these years. We always knew there was something queer about him but his wife ( also a senior teacher at the school) would always be the first person to  defend him whenever we tried to point out her husband’s unusual associations with students, she would blow her top  and label us as prostitutes and haters.”

“You must have seen how she crumbled when the shocking video started circulating” ,added the teacher.

The teacher then sent the video to his wife before deleting it.

Education authorities quickly got wind of the scandal and wasted no time in firing the Headmaster and turning him over to the police.

The parents of the teen has requested for her to be transferred to another school.