Following the discovery of a woman’s body that washed up at a Durban beach on Thursday afternoon, the police have opened an inquest docket.

Speaking to IOL, Proficient Tactical Security’s Allistair Barclay, said he received a call from a security guard informing him of an incident at Cutting’s Beach.

He said “He said thinks there might be a body on the shore but he was not sure. When I arrived, I saw the body and immediately informed my director and the police”.

Due to the strong current and windy conditions, the body was being ‘rolled’ about in the surf and Barclay asked contacted the police again to ask if he could move it.

Barclay said “By the time police would’ve arrived, the body would have washed back into the sea. The female officer gave me approval to bring the body closer up to the shore”.

He said as they pulled the body closer, they noticed that the woman’s head was cut off. He said “Her hands and feet were also cut off and her intestines were out”.

Barclay added that it was difficult to identify the race of the female as she had been in the water for a long time.

The gruesome find comes just days after Inanda residents stumbled across a woman’s body in a sportsfield.

The woman was later identified as Jessica Weyers who had been reported missing.

Police are investigating further.