Her harmless smiles indicts us all. This is one death which needn’t ever have happened. The crying souls of these golden spirits, puts the country on trial. How many more death would be enough before this carnage is arrested. The roar of the engines and a tolling church bell moved the large crowd of mourners to tears at Cornelius’s funeral service on Friday.

The 21-year-old was raped and murdered on Saturday after she and a friend were hijacked in Stellenbosch.

Her battered body was found on a farm road about 15km from the town.

Her close friend‚ Fanelo Arens‚ said: “Hannah was too good for this world. She was one of a kind. There was so much that she needed to teach people.”

Her cousin Lali van Zuydam said Hannah’s parents were going to take some time off to deal with her death.

“At the moment the family is focused on remembering how Hannah was.” said Van Zuydam.

Cornelius’s friend Cheslin Marsh was in the car with her but managed to escape.

Four suspects have been arrested for the crimes.