The cold-blooded killing of five people in Hillbrow has left residents of the Joburg suburb with more questions than answers.

Fikile Malembe, her daughter Luyanda, son Cherno and grandchild Mayihlome were found shot dead in their one-bedroom Madison Square flat on Monday evening.

The family’s new babysitter was also killed.

Her 12 year old child was the only survivor.

Joshua Baloyi the building manager said Malembe had been living in the block of flats for 15 years, without incident.

“At about 7.45pm on Monday, a sub-tenant in Fikile’s flat told us he arrived at the flat to find people on the ground, bleeding from their noses. “I sent one of the security personnel with him, who confirmed the tragedy,” Baloyi said.

He said no one in the building heard the gunshots. “It was painful to learn none of them survived. When the paramedics arrived, we hoped that Luyanda’s year-old baby would make it, but I was later told he had died too,” he said.

“I had also arranged for Cherno’s father, Mustaffa Ndiyaye, to be called in. When he eventually arrived, he took the stairs two and three at a time, all the way up to the ninth-floor flat. It took several men to pull him out of the room. He was very emotional,” Baloyi said.

The tall man with a large but lean frame was standing against the wall with his eyes tightly shut.

Tears leaked through his eyelids as his friends tried to console the grief-stricken father, to no avail.

Baloyi said that after news of the incident spread through the building, residents speculated that the killer might have gained entry through the on-site tuckshop. If residents don’t want to use the main entrance, they can go through the tuckshop to gain entry.

Gauteng police Captain Mavela Masondo said the police did not have information about who could have committed the crime or what the motive was.

He said officers were investigating five charges of murder.

“The child found at the scene has been taken to a place of safety and we are now waiting for the family, who are travelling from KwaZulu-Natal to come collect her,” he added.

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