As exposed in Parliament, the government of South Africa has accepted to hand the families of the Marikana victims over R1.1 billion compensation.

This revelation was made while Minister Nathi Nhleko and his team briefed police committee on the progress of the Farlam Commission’s recommendations.

The representatives of the families of the Marikana victims indicated that they will discuss the terms of the government offer with the families before they make further decision.

Now, the Police department is waiting for the formal acceptance of the offers so that they can pay the families.

Also, the government accepted to pay psychologists to manage the emotional trauma the families suffered because of the Marikana tragedy. The plaintiffs’ attorneys was as well, given the permission to choose the medical experts that will handle the personal injury claims.

Generally, SAPS disclosed that 652 claims which amounted to R1.17 billion has been made. The claims include:

  • Six claims for injuries sustained as a result of police assault or arrest, valued at R19.8m;
  • R100m for 36 claims for injuries as a result of shootings;
  • 285 claims for wrongful assault, arrest, detention and malicious prosecution, valued at R870m;
  • and And 325 claims for loss of support as a result of the death of a loved one, valued at R179m.

Speaking, Nhleko remarked that no amount of money can quantify the Marikana tragedy. “We should…be firm in our resolve that this never happens again and we should derive definite lessons from it,” he admonished.