Protest seem to have taking a drastic dimension in Johannesburg, giving rise to massive looting, hijacking and reckless burning of valuables amidst other brutal destruction.

The fresh round of demonstrations followed a bruising encounter on Wednesday night‚ when residents say they were assaulted by members of the Johannesburg Metro Police Department.

The group blockaded Main Reef Road with burning tyres. One truck was set alight.

The group first tried to stop a SAB truck but the driver passed straight through the barricade of burning tyres‚ sending one tyre flying through the air and hitting a nearby shack.

A second‚ smaller delivery truck with two passengers came down the road.

The protesters stopped the truck. One protester‚ armed with his bottle of petrol‚ headed for the driver’s door and led him out the vehicle.

The driver and his passenger obeyed and came out with their hands raised as the protesters surrounded them.

The protesters led the two men to the back of the vehicle‚ where they opened the truck and found it empty. They then allowed the truck to pass through.

The protesters then turned on members of the media and threatened them.

“We don’t want you taking pictures of us‚” one protester said bellowed.

Moments later‚ a Fruit and Veg truck was looted and set alight in the area

Police vehicles and a fire truck rushed to the scene.

The street leading up to the informal settlement has since been sealed off by police.

Residents have been protesting since last night‚ demanding they be given access to a block of newly built flats.

“During our protests‚ we have never destroyed any property. We have never set alight the nearby school or the nearby clinic because we know that these things are beneficial to us‚ so we don’t know what we did for the police to use this excessive force‚” one resident opined.

The protester was badly wounded in protests last night.

He claimed to have been shot with rubber bullets and assaulted by JMPD officers.

Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar of the Johannesburg Metro Police Department said he was unaware of any violent scenes at the informal settlement last night.