Report has it that,  Beata Lipman, who hand-wrote the original Freedom Charter, died at the age of 88 in Johannesburg on Thursday, her daughter Jane said.

Lipman had been unwell after being scalded by hot water.

She appeared to be having seizures, so her daughter rushed her to hospital, where she died.

Lipman is most famous for helping to write down the Freedom Charter – a document that sets out the aspirations of a democratic South Africa, and which was eventually woven into the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

 Jane Lipman on Friday described her mother as “tough and bright and determined and stubborn”, and way ahead of her time on feminism.

Born in 1928 in Germany, Lipman came to South Africa at a young age when her parents fled Nazi Germany.

Lipman’s time as a young girl was very traumatic, and she said she felt accepted in South Africa, Jane recalled.