Father to one of the four pupil killed during the a drag-racing backing in 2010 by Jub Jug and his co-accused Themba, said he had forgiven them.

Mr Fezekile Cwayi said this yesterday after they were both released on parole, saying that it has already happened and he can’t bring back his son;

“My son is gone. I had to make peace with it. Over the December holidays I went home to the Eastern Cape where he was buried and I visited his grave.

“I told him that Jub Jub and Tshabalala were going to be released [from prison] and that he must make peace with it,” said Cwayi from his Protea Glen, Soweto, home.

He also added that his family was invited by the parole board prior to their release last November;

“I attended the second session, which was held in December. We were not asked any questions. We were just told what the board wanted to do and had to say what we thought.

“Jub Jub and Tshabalala were there. I spoke to them for the first time since they killed my son. Jub Jub told us that he had changed and that he regrets what he had done,” he said.

“I do not want them to think that they will be killed when they come to my house. They won’t. They are welcome,” he said.