The reoccurring road accident seem to be increasing by the day in South Africa. The gory accident at N12 is an obscene sight to behold. Six-year-old twins were killed after a bus crashed into the donkey cart they were travelling in on the N12 near Kimberley on Friday evening, paramedics said on Saturday.

Nertcare911 spokesperson Chris Botha said the twins’ family had pulled into the breakdown lane of the N12 to secure the donkey when the bus crashed into them.

The two boys were sleeping on the cart.

Botha said the boys were thrown off the cart and landed a few hundred meters apart from each other.

They died on the scene. Botha said the donkey was also killed.

“With the force of the crash, the connecting bar of the cart impaled the donkey and tragically caused him to die on impact,” Botha said.